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Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

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The Apple Watch Series 7 has a bigger, brighter, and tougher display that extends to the edge of the device.

Display is 20% bigger

Brighter always-on display

33% faster charging

Despite rumors of a flat-edged redesign, Apple doubled down on rounded sides and added a bigger, brighter display.

The display is also 70% brighter when the always-on display is dimmed. This means information is more visible at a glance, even in a bright environment.

 Heart rate is the primary health feature that ties to every health and fitness metric. The infrared sensor on the back of the Apple Watch regularly measures heart rate and records its findings in the Health app.

Users can also take manual Electrocardiograms using the Digital Crown and heart rate sensor to complete an electrical circuit around their body. This measurement helps determine irregular heart rhythms and can help users decide whether they need to visit a doctor.

There is also a blood oxygen sensor built into the sensor stack. LEDs and photodiodes record oxygen content and warn users if it gets too low for a given elevation. This data can help diagnose issues with the lungs or sickness.


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