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Nokia G20

Nokia G20

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Grab life, live it to the full and share it with those who matter most. Nokia G20 makes that last bit easier. With its 48 MP quad camera, powerful AI imaging modes and OZO Audio, it’s never been easier to capture everything you see and hear. It’s all powered by a battery that lasts for up to 3 days between charges. Nokia also heightened security with face and fingerprint unlock and 2-years of software updates on the latest Android software. All in all, this is a phone you can trust to keep all of your great work safe and secure.


48 MP rear camera

Shoot in widescreen or macro to capture the world as only you see it.

Spatial surround sound

Capture spatial audio and add a new dimension to your videos.

3-day battery life*

Go for up to 3 days without charging thanks to the AI-assisted battery.

Refined Nordic design

Elegance and functionality come together in this lightweight, slimline design.

Boosted 6.5” screen


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